5910 Monona Dr., Suite 103 Monona, WI 53716 >>> 608-721-6604
5910 Monona Dr., Suite 103 Monona, WI 53716 >>> 608-721-6604

Luxury Color Services

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Balayage + Foiling Services
Luxury Color Services
Fashion Color/Color Correction

Balayage/Hair Painting: $150+
Balayage/Hair Painting + Retouch: $200+

Partial Balayage/Hair Painting: $110+
Partial Balayage/Hair Painting + Retouch: $160+

Micro 1Balayage/Hair Painting: $80+
Mini Balayage/Hair Painting: $130+

Full Foil: $110+
Partial Foil: $85+
Mini Foil: $55+
Micro Foil: $35+
Add Retouch Color to any Foil Service: + $50

Bleach and Tone: $150+
Perfect for anyone who is already blonde/platinum blonde and needs their roots relightened. A glaze is then applied after the lightening service to customize the tone.

All Balayage and Foiling services include the addition of a Hair Repair System. This fortifies hair during color services to maximize shine, condition, elasticity, and strength.

Retouch: $65+

All Over Color: $75+

Dimensional Color: $85+

2 + tones are used to create a dynamic effect.

Glaze/Toner: $50+

Glaze/Toner with color service: $15-$30+

Root Shadow with Glaze: $50+
A beautiful and seamless way to diffuse a darker root color with brighter ends. This creates a blended, low-maintenance look.

Consultation Required
Rates starting at $100/hour

Looking for something fun like rainbow or mermaid hair? Wanting to try out silver, purple, or blue? Changing from dark hair to blonde or vis-a-versa or looking for any big change? This one’s for you!

Please plan on a minimum of 5 hours for this service. Certain looks could potentially take multiple sessions to achieve desired goal.