5910 Monona Dr., Suite 103 Monona, WI 53716 >>> 608-721-6604
5910 Monona Dr., Suite 103 Monona, WI 53716 >>> 608-721-6604

Our luxury hair services will leave you feeling the most YOU you've ever felt.

Each luxury hair service at The Wander Parlour is customized and designed to fit your hair type and unique lifestyle. Pricing is determined based on length, density, and the amount of time the designated service takes. If you are unsure of which route to take please contact me to set up a consultation to determine the best direction.

Starting prices and cancellation policy are listed below.

Luxury Color Services

Balayage + Foiling Services

All Balayage and Foiling services include the addition of a Hair Repair System. This fortifies hair during color services to maximize shine, condition, elasticity, and strength.

Balayage/Hair Painting: $150+
Balayage/Hair Painting + Retouch: $200+

Partial Balayage/Hair Painting: $130+
Partial Balayage/Hair Painting + Retouch: $160+

Mini Balayage/Hair Painting: $110+
Micro Balayage/Hair Painting: $80+

Full Foil: $110+
Partial Foil: $85+
Mini Foil: $55+
Micro Foil: $35+
Add Retouch Color to any Foil Service: + $50

Bleach and Tone: $150+
Perfect for anyone who is already blonde/platinum blonde and needs their roots relightened. A glaze is then applied after the lightening service to customize the tone.

Classic Hair Color Services

Retouch: $65+

All Over Color: $75+

Dimensional Color: $85+

2 + tones are used to create a dynamic effect.

Glaze/Toner: $50+

Glaze/Toner with color service: $15-$30+

Root Shadow with Glaze: $50+
A beautiful and seamless way to diffuse a darker root color with brighter ends. This creates a blended, low-maintenance look.

Fashion Color/Color Correction

Consultation Required

Looking for something fun like rainbow or mermaid hair? Wanting to try out silver, purple, or blue? Changing from dark hair to blonde or vis-a-versa or looking for any big change? This one’s for you!

Please plan on a minimum of 5 hours for this service. Certain looks could potentially take multiple sessions to achieve desired goal.

Hair Cut Services

All Hair Cut services include a luxurious shampoo and custom style.

Classic Hair Cuts

Bang trim/neck trim/design: $15

Short Length with Clipper work: $35
Cut using clippers on the sides and scissors on the top. Great for fades and other barber styles.

Short Length: $40
Cut using scissors for lengths above the ear. Great for pixies or any other short styles.

Medium Length: $45
Starting at the chin and working down to the collar bone. Think chin length bob or lob, maybe even a shag!

Long Length: $50
Anything past the collar bone. Meant for those who love long, flowing locks.

Curly Hair Cuts

Short Length: $45

Medium Length: $50

Long Length: $55

Transformative Cut

Looking for a major change? Going from mermaid to pixie or wanting to donate some length? This one’s for you!

Starting at: $60+

Additional Services

Learn more about our additional services including extensions, styling and waxing.

Luxury Extension Services

Consultation Required

Specializing in natural beaded row, tape-in, and halo extensions.

Luxury Hair Treatments

Restore your hair’s natural luster and shine.

Conditioning treatments help repair and nourish lost protein and moisture in the hair and scalp. Great solution for frizzy, brittle, lifeless hair or dry, itchy scalps!

Tier 1: $15

Tier 2: $25

Tier 3: $45

Neuma Total Hair Rejuvenation, Malibu Treatment, TruePlex Bond Repair Treatment.

Hair Styling

Classic Blowout: $50

Classic Blowout with Curl/Flat Iron: $60

Curl/Flat Iron Style added to any color service: $15

Formal Style/Updo: $70+

Waxing + Tinting

Brow Wax: $18
Lip Wax: $16
Chin Wax: $16
Full Face Wax: $40

EyeBrow Tint: $20
EyeLash Tint: $25